Young People

Psychological services that recognise adversity, promote resilience and enable young people and families to develop positive futures

Young People

We offer a range of psychological services for children, young people and their families as well as for carers and professionals who are involved in their care. In addition to services provided directly for young people and families, we offer services for a variety of organisations including:

  • Schools
  • Local Authority Children’s Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Youth Offending and Criminal Justice Services
  • Independent Providers, Charitable and Voluntary organisations

What we offer:

Comprehensive Psychological Assessment – Bespoke assessments for children, young people and families experiencing social or psychological difficulties.  Our assessments include a formulation (clear understanding) of the presenting difficulties, comment on any risk presented and make recommendations for further intervention and management of risk.

Intervention – A range of ‘evidence based’ psychological interventions that include:

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)
  • Systemic and family intervention
  • Trauma-informed interventions
  • Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP)
  • Eye Movement desensitisation reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Mindfulness / Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) informed approaches

Consultation & Clinical Supervision – Specialist psychological consultation and clinical supervision for individuals, groups and organisations who work with children and young people with complex needs.  This collaborative process aims to enhance strategic planning, service delivery and clinical practice through promoting psychological understanding at individual and organisational levels.

Looked After Children’s Services – Psychological consultation on aspects of care and intervention planning, therapeutic parenting, safeguarding and risk management. 
We offer specialist training in attachment and trauma and the impact of this on children and young people’s relationships, placement stability and current behaviours.

Adoption Support Services – Assessment and therapeutic intervention for children, their parents and carers informed by PACE therapeutic parenting and Dyadic Development Psychotherapy (DDP) principles. This work for adopted children and their families can be funded through the Adoption Support Fund.

Expert witness & opinion – Expert witness and opinion service based on our extensive experience in working with young people who present with high risk behaviours, including those who commit offences involving harm to others.

Training – Specialist training for multi-agency audiences within a variety of health, social care and criminal justice settings including:

  • Child development & working with young people
  • Understanding the impact of adversity: Trauma & attachment
  • Working with young people with complex needs and developmental difficulties
  • Working with young people who present with high risk behaviours (e.g. self-harm, violence, harmful sexual behaviour, substance misuse)
  • Mental health first aid