Creating psychologically informed performance environments that help others to develop potential and realise ambition


We recognise the pressures and demands facing those working in high performance environments and understand that talent alone is not enough to ensure sustainable performance.

Frequently, such pressures and demands can result in behaviours that are challenging to manage, and may over time impact on performance, team functioning and individual wellbeing.

From our clinical experience of applying specialist psychological knowledge, we believe we can enhance well-being and sustain high performance, whilst limiting the risks of burnout

What we offer:

Performance coaching – Providing professional development through consultancy, supervision & executive coaching

Winning Habits – Creating understanding of what it takes to perform well and tracking the development of these characteristics and behaviours

Elephant Spotting – Helping teams and organisations to develop shared understanding and generate co-ordinated action in order to enable sustainable high performance

Talented but Challenging – Supporting the understanding and effective management of challenging presentations or behaviours in high performance environments

Performing Well – Helping to monitoring, assess and support wellbeing needs and promote resilience development for those involved in elite performance

Stronger Together – Exploring difference and creating effective team functioning